Monday, July 01, 2002
Ian McKellen At Gay Pride Parade Prt II - Xoanon @ 13:47 PST
Ringer Spies Aurelie, Emma and Karen sent in these pictures from Ian McKellen (Gandalf) at the gay pride parade in San Francisco take a look at the pics and read Emma's report!

Sir Ian seemed to have a fabulous time at the Pride Festival, and certainly he is a big crowd favorite. At the brunch on Saturday, he regaled those of us at the benefit with amusing stories, inspiring ideas, and quite kindly acquiesced to show us his tattoo! He was very gracious with all of those in attendance, both old friends and total strangers, and he and his co-celebrity grand marshall (Sharon Gless) were very entertaining.

In the parade itself on Sunday, you could see his car from a block away due to the HUGE Union Jack he was waving. And none of this sitting in his open car for Sir Ian--he stood the whole time, waving his flag, tipping his hat, and waving to well-wishers along the parade route.

His final appearance was at the main stage, where he retold the story of how a late night discussion with friends (including Armistead Maupin) helped him decide to come out in 1988. He looked and sounded like the weekend had been a great success for him, and certainly the crowd accepted him as one of their own.