Wednesday, June 26, 2002
LA Pub Moot Coolness - Xoanon @ 12:19 PST
Check out this Pub moot hapening in LA! Anyone want to pay for my ticket out there...drop me a line!

Hey, Xoanon, Sauron's Truss here. Rosie (from the Fan Club) is right... Calisuri must be buried. I sent this to him last week after he expressed interest, but no joy yet! Please post as you see fit and... hope to see some TORn staff representin'!

This L.A. Pub Moot will be held on AUGUST 9th, 2002 (Friday) starting at 8 p.m.

Name of the place is the Westwood Brewing Company (thanks, Garf) in Westwood... very near West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Westwood Brewing Company
1097 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, ca 90024

Let me stress that this party is OPEN TO ALL, but I need you to contact me and give confirmation. We're looking forward to seeing our friends from TORn and Decipher there and throwing down some pints and shots together!

Please refer all inquires regarding this event to myself or Rosie (LOTR Fan Club Moderator). The WBC asks that, on their end, there be only one conduit for questions and needs assesments... moi.

***Giveaways, Contests, Food, Drinks, and Laughs***

This will be a dinner and drinks type of thing and is slated to last at least three hours. We have our own room, our own bar (and tender, I presume) and special requests will be considered. This place is totally professional and could prolly hook us up with whatever we need. If you have a great idea let me know.

Max Capacity for a sit down dinner/quest/thing is 85 peeps. If we reach that number, as I think we shall, we then have the option of changing to a buffet-style affair in order to accomodate more people. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Now, I had to put up a good chunk of change to secure/guarantee this place. As long as everyone drinks and eats normally there will be no extra charge to anyone and this "deposit" goes away.

"But Truss, my 20 friends and I were hoping to just come, eat Saltine Crackers, drink from the water fountain, and be around you great folks"!

PERISH THE THOUGHT, I say! Our Moot, this time around, will be a definite dinner affair (casually nice attire) and you should come hungry and thirsty. (Actually, since many of us will be at the Beach Moot prior, we should all hydrate a bunch!) I'm not saying you'll have to gorge yourself and get blasted (unless you wanna... it'll make for a funner party), just act as a normal night out at a decent restaurant. {I say again: There will be no cover or deposit charge as long as you eat and drink NORMALLY.}

There you have it. Our plans come together. We're less than two months away from the weekend (week?) that many of us need to satiate our desire for LOTR STUFF! A "Tolkien fix" if you will.

Come be with people who feel just as you do about LOTR. I'm sure we'll get some L.A. TORn peeps there and I'm told there'll be at least one VIP from our beloved Decipher as well.

Email me your real name and board handle (delineate Fan Club or TORn) at to sign up for PUB MOOT IN AUGUST! Let me know if you're bringing someone. See you there!

(Additional questions? Email me or post at the Decipher Official LOTR Fan Club "Bag End" message board.)

-Bill Powers (Sauron's Truss on the Decipher LOTR Fan Club BB)