Monday, June 24, 2002
Love Found At TORN's Oscar Party - Xoanon @ 14:43 PST

Hi Xoanon Rosie (mod. from Deciphers LOTR Fan Club) here. I had a sweet little story I thought you might like to post. I sent it to Calisuri, but I know how buried he gets.

When a group of fan club members, friends from Deciphers LOTR fan club message boards, planned to spend a weekend together, and attend TORNS Oscar party in Los Angeles California, they didn't expect to find a love story. A little hobbit beauty, user handle Desert Elf, was introduced to Dan Madsen, the Ceo/President of Deciphers Fan Club, during an evening of fun, and lovely sentiments, with fans celebrating LOTRs success at the Oscars. They had the chance to sit together, and hear the celebration speeches of our heroes, including Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor, and Ian Mckellan. A wonderful evening sparked off an even more wonderful love story, and the two of them will be married Sept. 21st, the day before Bilbo and Frodos birthday! Thank You to TORN for playing matchmaker, and making a sweet romance blossoom in the Shire!

(I included a not too flattering photo from the evening, with Dan Madsen, and l to r Rosie, Desert Elf (lucky girl) and Angry Pixie)