Friday, May 24, 2002
Ask Christopher Lee Winners! - Xoanon @ 13:04 PST
We received over 550 emails from all over the globe with questions for Christopher Lee (Sauman). We chose the 15 questions we thought were interesting and were some of the most popular questions asked. Christopher Lee will be answering these 15 questions on video, and you will soon be able to see it right here! Congrats to all the folks who got their questions through, and thanks for sending your questions in!

1. Rayman Freak asks: When you agreed to play Saruman, how did you prepare for the role?

2. Larry D. Curtis asks: Looking back at your amazing library of films, NOT counting the high publicity Rings and Star Wars movies, which are your most cherished roles? Which performances have held up best over time?

3. Chris Thurtle asks: Is there any genre that Christopher has not tackled that he would still like to be involved in ?

4. SIND MANDY asks: What did you do in New Zealand while on a break from filming?

5. HENNESSY, Mike asks: I'm sure you would agree that Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf is magisterial. How would you have played it differently?

6. ute bender asks: Who or what in your opinion do you think is the greatest villain ever conceived?

7. SJBBRAVE78 asks: Mr. Lee how would you compare being the character of Count Dooku to being the character of Saruman and in which ways do you think both characters are similar?

8. W. Peter Freund asks: What is it like working with Peter Jackson compared to other directors? What kind of movies, given your experience with him on LOTR can we expect to come out of him in the future? Is he the next Spielberg? Lucas?

9. Cie Sharp asks: What inspired you to pursue a career in acting?

10. john 'soco' robinson asks: If, for some reason, you weren't chosen for Saruman, who would you have liked to see play the role of Saruman?

11. Julie Marr asks: Having met J.R.R. Tolkien in person, do you think he would approve of Peter Jackson's film version of The Fellowship of the Ring?

12. Jeannette Capella asks: How many languages are you actually fluent in? Which ones? And how did you manage to learn so many?

13. Martin Gjesdal asks: Do you find it difficult to act in front of a blue/green screen as opposed to "conventional" acting?

14. Danny Yavuzkurt asks: Do you sympathize with the character Saruman's ambitions and flaws? Do you find him to be a truly tragic character, or simply a cardboard villain?

15. Erika Frensley asks: You've worked on movies produced all over the world. Do you find great differences in how movies are made/produced in different countries, for instance, between America and Australia? Are these differences good or bad, in your opinion?