Thursday, May 09, 2002
'Land Of Shadow' Exhibition Report - Xoanon @ 12:08 PST
From: Didiej

I visited this exhibition this morning. It is a very interesting small exhibition in a mining museum in Prestongrange about 7 miles from Edinburgh. The exhibition concentrates on the creative writing aspect of Tolkien's work aiming to get people to think about what goes into creating a fantasy land, the people who live there, their customs, language etc - right down to the day-to-day aspects of life. Anyone who visits wanting to see 'movie-related' items will be disappointed. The bit I thought was really good was a giant slate circle with runes and elvish letters carved into it so that children can take rubbings with crayons and create their own elvish/runic writing. There is a mock landscape with Mordor and Mount Doom, a 'palantir' and an interpretation of Treebeard as well as a hobbit's sitting room. There is also a corner for children to dress up and act out their fantasy lands.