Wednesday, April 24, 2002
Texas Ringers Moot At Scarborough Faire! - Xoanon @ 18:52 PST
Texas Ringers Moot at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival: Memorial Day Weekend

Texas Ringers are planning to meet up at Scarborough Faire to celebrate not only "Lord of the Rings", but also Ian McKellen's (Saturday, May 25) and Christopher Lee's (Monday, May 27) birthdays in a big "Wizard's Weekend"!

Come on Saturday the 25th or Monday the 27th (or both!), and go to the Noon showing of "Throw Up" (comedy juggling) at the Crown Stage (there is a always a noon showing). The Crown Stage is located straight in from the main entrance. Please come to the Crown Stage a few minutes before the show starts to receive a yellow armband from the event organizers, or get one afterwards. This way, we can recognize each other around the Faire.

If you also come on Sunday, I am sure there will be other Ringers there on that day as well. If you will be attending all three days, I suggest buying a Season's Pass ($36 adult) at the gate instead of individual day tickets ($17 adult), as it saves you money.

We can also drink to the health of these two wonderful actors with a pint or three (if you're 21 or over) at the many taverns and pubs throughout the Faire.

Feel free to come in costume! Hobbits, elves, dwarves and rangers are more than welcome at the Faire! It is also a good place to buy Middle-Earth style costumes and accessories.

The Faire is located near Waxahachie TX, just 30 minutes south of the Dallas/FortWorth Metroplex.

Directions, ticket prices, local hotels, an FAQ and other information on the Faire itself can be found here. [More]

To join the "Rings on the Range" Texas Ringers MSN community to get updates and more details from the organizers of the Moot and people who have been to the Faire, go here. [More]

To e-mail the organizers use this address and put "Texas Ringers Moot" in the subject header:

We hope to see you there! Please send us a message if you will be attending, so we can get a rough count.