Sunday, March 17, 2002
TTT Trailer: Canada - Xoanon @ 01:38 PST
Thioden writes: Hi, I hope this is the address to share LOTR news. Well, the TTT preview is being advertised in most Canadian newspapers. The preview will be available March 29th to the LOTR fans. Here is a list of the theatres in Quebec, Canada, which will have the preview:

-Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin
-Famous Players Starciti Montreal
-Famous Players Versailles
-Cineplex Odeon Place Lasalle
-Megaplex Guzzo Jacques Cartier 14
-Cineplex Odeon Boucherville
-Cineplex Odeon St-Bruno
-Famous Players Colossus Laval
-Megaplex Guzzo Pont-Viau 16
-Cinema St-Eustache
-Famous Players F.P.8 Greenfield Park
-Megaplex Guzzo Terrebonne 14
-Carrefour du Nord St-Jerome
-Cinema 9 Rock Forest
-Capitol St-Jean
-Famous Players Paramount
-Famous Players Colisee Kirkland*
-Le Cinema Guzzo Des Sources 10
-Megaplex Guzzo Taschereau 18
-Famous Players Centre Laval
-Famous Players Starciti Hull

* Xoanon here, I will be at the Famous in Kirkland on the 29th to watch the new teaser! More info later.