Friday, March 15, 2002
TTT Trailer: Oz - Xoanon @ 13:24 PST
Demosthenes sends us this memo from the Hoyts movie chain folks regarding the TTT trailer!

Lord of the Rings - new footage []

By Staff For all Lord of the Rings lovers we have some good news.

Roadshow Film Distributors will be releasing a new end spool into cinemas which contains an extra 4 minutes of footage from the next film in the trilogy (The Two Towers - due out this Christmas)

The extra footage will be attached to the end of Lord of the Rings from Friday, March 29 so Australian audiences will see it before the rest of the world. Here are a list of Hoyts Cinemas you can see it in:

New South Wales - Hoyts Chatswood Westfield, Hoyts Wetherill Park, Hoyts
Broadway, Hoyts Fox Studios, Hoyts Penrith, Hoyts Warringah, Hoyts Merrylands
Victoria - Hoyts Chadstone, Hoyts Highpoint, Hoyts Northland,
Hoyts Epping, Hoyts Forest Hill
Western Australia - Hoyts Carousel, Hoyts Queensgate
ACT - Hoyts Belconnen
South Australia - Hoyts Tea Tree Plaza
Queensland - Hoyts Myer Centre.