Thursday, March 07, 2002
FOTR: #1 In Czech Republic - Xoanon @ 10:31 PST
Belcarnen writes: The LOTR premiere was on 10.1.2002 and 687.375 people have seen it up to 3.3.2002 (information from Warner Bros.)

It's still most visited movie for 7 weeks (followed by Harry Potter). LOTR has also registered the biggest opening weekend ever in Czech rep., about 118 thousand visitors. Usual numbers for blockbusters are about 30 - 35 thousand.

New edition of Fellowship Of The Ring (Spolecenstvo Prstenu) with Alan Lee ilustrations were sold out in a few weeks. And web magazines like mine doubled numbers of their visitors. It's nearly impossible to go by tram (metro or train -Xo) and not hear something like "Smoke rises from the mountain of Doom..." or "I amar prestar aenů" ... simply great. From now "the influence of The Lord Of The Rings could not be undone".