Wednesday, February 27, 2002
Howard Shore Poem - Xoanon @ 12:07 PST
MithrandirCQ writes:

Hi, Xoanon. I am a member of Decipher's official LOTR Fan club. My handle on that Message Board is MithrandirCQ. About 10 of us attended the Q & A at Barnes & Noble on 17th Street and Union Square on 22 February 2002 (You may have notice a number of them having there hands still up when the moderator asked how many times we saw LOTR - including the one who saw it 31 times). Since much has been said and transcribed about this evening I will not go into the details of that event, however, I would like to clarify that the poem presented to Mr. Shore was presented to him by members of this club and not the "Howard Shore fan club". We love the entire ensemble cast and what they did to convey Tolkien's masterful world onto the big screen. I have attached a copy of the poem that was presented to Mr. Shore that night. If nothing else, please post this on TORN for I feel the person who wrote this poem did an exceptional job in writing it. Thanks again for your time and consideration regarding this matter. [More]