Sunday, February 17, 2002
Live In Sydney? Wanna Meet Jim Rygiel? - Xoanon @ 22:37 PST
endorwitch writes: Hi - just found a pamphlet about this at work today.

The Australian Effects & Animation Festival 2002

FEBRUARY 26 - 28 2002, SYDNEY CONVENTION CENTRE, DARLING HARBOUR day 1 speaker : 10.00am FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING Jim Rygiel, VFX Supervisor, Weta Digital

Helping to create the mythical world of Middle Earth for Peter Jackson's ambitions three movie adaptation of the Lord of The Rings, Weta Digital has been able to contribute crucial digital elements within the 'cornucopia' of VFX techniques utilised within this film: forced perspective, digital matte painting, CGI, digital compositing, crowd generation, digital and miniature sets. Jim Rygiel will take us through the creation of such exciting creatures as the Balrog, a mythical creature of Fire generated via CGI techniques, and the Cave Troll.

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