Monday, January 28, 2002
Report From A Golden Globe Viewing Party - Strider @ 16:44 PST
Here's how things went for the Golden Globes viewing party in Los Angeles. People began arriving shortly before 7pm at the Cat n' Fiddle pub in Hollywood. This is a great little place tucked away from Sunset blvd. complete with an outdoor courtyard containing trees and a fountain, an inner bar area and restaurant, dart board and juke box, and a private room for parties, like our own. On Sundays, they have a live jazz band perform in the courtyard, and the lead singer of the band was interested enough in our party to buy a raffle ticket.

Everyone began ordering food and drinks, as the Red Carpet ceremony got under way, and TORN staffers Calisuri and Quickbeam helped me to get the raffle and auction items unpacked and on display. We sold raffle tickets for most items at just $2 a ticket, and held a silent auction for the two bigger items we had. LOTR may not have won anything at the Golden Globes, but party attendees walked out of the pub with posters, TORN shirts, bookmarks, and Sideshow figurines. All funds received went to server fund, but I'll have to let Calisuri give you the final figure as he collected all the money.

By the end of the evening, we had some 50 people or more sitting and standing in the room. I'm going to have to move my Oscar viewing party to a larger venue. Yes, you heard me right, an Oscar viewing party. I'm not even waiting for the nominations to be announced, I'm starting to plan right now, so I can have a party twice as big. In fact, I'm issuing a challenge to all Line Party leaders, or anyone else for that matter, to host an Oscar party of your own. Let's see if we can get a party in every major city that will be showing the Oscars, even if it has to be the night before or after, and raise a little bit for Salt Lake City, are you with me, I know you had the biggest Line Party out there. New Zealand, this is your night to shine, I expect you to throw one doozy of a party. London, the Oscars may be on at an ungodly hour for you, but you party early, then crash at someone's house to stay up all night and watch. With a bit of planning, getting ahold of a few prizes or what not, you can make one heck of a big party, have fun, watch the awards show, and raise a bit of money to make sure we don't crash's server when Two Towers comes out.

That's it for now, expect some pictures in the near future, and details for the LA Oscar party to pop up pretty soon as well.


First off, a big TORn thank you to all who attended the party and got into the spirit of things. Also, I'd like to point out that we're not mentioning our plight for a new server for the fun of it - we really need one! So if any of you out there would like to donate anything at all to our new server, please do with the following link: Help Support