Sunday, January 27, 2002
LOTR Premiere: Poland - Xoanon @ 21:48 PST
From: Ejka

Just a short note. Polish release of "The Fellowship of the Ring" is February 15th but the first official pre-showing is midnight 14/15th February in Cracov, cultural capitol of Poland.

The non-official pre-showing is the 9th of February and it's all organized by radio RMF FM . Polish LOTR supporters are RMF FM, television TVN, Viva! (the same traitors who helped Harry Potter :), Lee, Pizza Hut and inteligo. We have been waiting here for ages, you know. So the time has come at last. Not many of us waited that long- we've been visiting our neighbours- Germany and so on- for over two months. And we still want to see it again and again- as you do ;) Ah- almost forgot- the greatest news is that there will be no dubbing- just the original language.