Thursday, January 10, 2002
NYC Trip Bonus - Xoanon @ 13:35 PST
From: Collin H

January 2nd my friend David and I were walking down 8th Ave. in Manhattan (we had come from Wisconsin on a trip for new years) when to our left we saw the theatre showing 'The Producers' the biggest broadway hit in years. We had wanted to see the show so we got in line and found it would be a 8 hour wait just for standing room only. Dismayed we turned to see what else was playing, lo and behold across the street I saw a large picture of Ian McKellen 'Dance of Death' it read, so we went and promptly bought tickets.

Later that night while moving (after the first intermission and seats werent filled) to the balcony on stage left the curtain opened to a 'sleeping' Ian McKellen wearing only some wool trowsers and a sleeveless undershirt) with much excitement I realized that I was about to see what countless famous people were denied seeing, the Fellowship Tattoo... sure enough as soon as he rolled over in the bed I saw the dark elven rune on his right arm, up near the shoulder.

It was an excellent play and I was very delighted to have seen it, and the much talked about tattoo, I recomend the play (even if you cant get close enought to see that tattoo like us) to anyone who will be in New York in the near future.