Monday, January 07, 2002
John Rhys-Davies Makes A Fan's Day - Xoanon @ 17:38 PST
Liam writes:

I was in dublin the day of the irish premiere of the fellowship on the 18, and I had brought the hardback version of lotr with me to read on the bus. I decided to go to the cinema to see could I catch a few faces as they went in..

After about 45 mins waiting around in the cold I turned to catch the bus disappointed I saw no one from the movie, but then the coolest thing happened; I recognised John Rhys Davies out of the corner of my eyes posing for some pictures. He turned to walk into the cinema but I wasnt letting this chance slip so I walked up to him and tapped him on the back. He turned round, "Will you do me a big favour", I asked him

"Would you please sign my book for me?" He said in a deep voice, "My dear fellow, of course I will".

I couldnt believe it! he took the book and took the time to read the inscription my girlfriend wrote on it when she gave it to me - "Liam, I hope you love it more every time you read it" (even though the people he was with had walked further on, he wasnt rushing away from this nerd who had stopped him - what a guy!) and he wrote "So do I Liam, Gimli The Dwarf, aka John Rhys Davies". Gimli signed my book!

Yeah I know it sounds nerdy - I get abuse about it all the time, but there is no denying the fact - JOHN RHYS DAVIES IS THE MAN!!!