Tuesday, January 01, 2002
Tulsa, OK Line Party Report - Xoanon @ 19:01 PST
From: Starworld 20

We had a blast the evening of December 18th here in Tulsa, OK! Among the festivities of the evening we had:

- door prizes sponsored by a local collectibles shop - The Wizards Asylum

- Tolkien trivia contest sponsored by another local shop - Starbase 21

- costume contest sponsored by our theatre - Dickinson Starworld 20

- collection for our pet charity the Tulsa Library Trust supporting Tulsa's public libraries

I haven't got any hard numbers for how many were at the midnight show from our theatre contact yet (the holidays sort of caught us all off-guard) but I hope to have that this weekend as well as more pictures.

The pics we have so far can be found at home.flash.net/~lissaree/line.htm

Here's what we've got so far:

Two of the home-made banners we flew for the evening

Our costume contest entries including our 1st place winner Kelly Russell as an elf maiden. 2nd prize went to Sean Fullerton as a Nazgul (very scary)

Our illustrious leader (that's me, Lissa)

A shot of our first drawing by Starworld 20's promotions director

Thanks Gerald for all your help!

The front of the line. It was cold and windy that night but these folks were there from about 7pm to midnight (theonering line members got to stay in the warm cozy theatre!)

The Decipher LOTR card game tournament hosted by our local Decipher rep (and theonering line member) John Andrew (Jonny Shogun)

Our trivia contest winner David Williams

The rest of the Williams clan and by far the biggest Tolkien fans on hand that night! They are Elspeth, Sheryl, David & little Lillith the youngest fan on hand that night!

Hope to have more pics of the actual line outside, but this is all we have for now. Hope you like them.