Wednesday, December 26, 2001
Boston LOTR Premiere Party - Xoanon @ 16:51 PST
From: Math

Happy Holidays! Well, my LP member and I got our acts together and got more pics for TORN to post. The line party started around 6pm with about 7 of us. More and more members come, and some people not part of our LP also arrived (pics have time) and started lining up.

Maria and her sister Sally (entwives) not only provided us with great costume spectacle, but also cookies and drinks for our consumption. I received the free sample Trading Card games (by the way, thanks to Decipher, Inc.) on time for the LP, and so I started giving the samples and brochures away. I ran out of the cards sooner than you can say LOTR: FOTR...

More and more people have arrived and at around 11pm, Loews management was kind enough to let us enter the theater as soon as it was vacated and cleaned. Many excited Tolkienites entered the theater, and some late-comer costume wearers graced the cinema. The anticipation was riveting. Then the show...

After the movie, the LP fellowship was broken from a member of over 25 people before the show, to just a fellowship of NINE (intriguingly). The fellowship went to a 24-h diner, we had our meal and heated discussions about the film, both good and not-so-bad points. By 4am, everyone is tired and those people who were supposed to go the next showing are starting to give in to their heavy eyelids. The fellowship of nine was broken, and we all went home. Alas, our own Frodo and Sam (Amy and Yi-Fong) made it to the next screening and savoured every glorifying minutes of the LOTR film. Overall, the Boston Line Party was a great success, and has created a "fellowship" that would endure the task of waiting for the next 2 installments.