Tuesday, December 25, 2001
Yakima Line Party Event - Xoanon @ 11:39 PST
From: Frodo of the Nine Fingers

Yakima is a fairly small, hickish, town so I wasn't expecting many people to be in a line. There was no midnight showing (Aaarg!) so the box office opened at noon the 19th. Three friends and I were at the cinema at 6:15. Some other people had been there since midnight but had left and came back soon after we got there. It was roughly 20 degrees farenheight the whole time we were in line. By 11:00 there were almost 30 people in line! Yeah! They opened early so we could get in out of the cold, and by 12:10 I was in my seat waiting and thawing out my toes. All shows that day were sold out. Great show, saw the next showing, and can't wait to see it again! Rock on theonering.net!