Sunday, December 23, 2001
Karlstad, Sweden Line Party Report - Xoanon @ 23:47 PST
From: Apan

Karlstad Line Party made an arrangement with a local cafe/beer-cafe. With only 4 days of notice they agreed upon keeping open one extra hour (so that we wouldn't have to be standing up all night)! At 8.30 pm, local time, the first member arrived with a friend. Within the next hour several people, many of whom weren't even signed up as members (though friends of members) dropped by. At 11 pm, we were about 20 people leaving the cafe after having had a really good time eating, drinking (those of proper age, of course!) and anticipating!

The theatre had told us that there was to be performances before the midnight hour. And indeed, there was. Outside the theatre, a band of young artists were "playing" with fire. Though it wasn't all that much of a show, they still deserve credit for wearing not-so-warm clothing out there in the cold...

Inside, a bunch of LARP-people were "fighting" (using live-action weapons). The most noteworthy aspect of this performance was one of them was dressed up as a ringwraith. Other than that, it was a rather lame performance (much due to the fact that the weapons were made of steel, I suppose).

As I did not become aware of the line party-function of until a week ago or so, little time there was to prepare major events. Still the dinner before the opening was terrific. Everyone was having a good time! It should perhaps be mentioned that there is in Karlstad not that a great enthusiasm when it comes to "hysteria". We tend to take easy on such things. By our standards, the pre-opening event was an event extraordinaire...:)

Pictures (yes, some brilliant member actually brought a camera!) will be comming as soon as I can get my hands on them. They are mostly from the cafe (not too many though, as I recall) but do not get your hopes up on a pic-o-rama. :P

A personal note: I thank you for giving us means to better organise ourselves! The Line Party-function worked better than I would have hoped! I do hope you intend to keep it until next year.....

Warm greetings from a frosty town in Sweden!