Saturday, December 22, 2001
St. Charles LOTR Premiere Party - Xoanon @ 00:54 PST
From: Lady Galadriel

We were probably one of the smallest line parties, but nonetheless we had a great time. The three of us were the only fans who attended the movie in costume for *any* of the showings, but the other moviegoers seemed to enjoy our outfits. Josh was dressed as Frodo in a green hobbit cloak, I (Megan) was Galadriel, and Neil went as a Ringwraith (these photos don't do justice to the Nazgul costume). As we left the movie, we were met by cheers and compliments from those standing in the line for the next showing.

All three of us enjoyed the movie immensely. After a change back into some normal clothes, we headed out for dinner at TGI Friday's to discuss what we'd just seen. We are hoping to see "Fellowship" together a second time, and to meet again next year for "The Two Towers".