Friday, December 21, 2001
Sydney LOTR:FOTR Premiere Report - Xoanon @ 22:32 PST
From: Niki B

I was at the Australian premier yesterday (Sydney) I arrived at George street at 5:30 with two friends and parents, expecting the actors to arrive at 6:30, but they came along, late, at about 7:45.

Hugo Weaving and Barrie Osborne came first and i got both their autographs!!

However, >:( , SOMEONE made the hobbits and Orlando run! GRRR... They went past us as a flash and blur of faces. In Orlando's case it was a flash and blur of red and white stripes from his great shirt. (I love his shirts) They went by so fast I don't even think I took any proper photos!! It was so fast I didn't even have time to process in my head what I was seeing!!

Dominic was muttering something like 'I don't believe I have to do this'. He stopped to sign something for someone who was yelling his name like crazy, but that's all.

Oh well. I suppose I should be thankful. after all, I don't think many people have seen them run, and at least I got two signatures!

If Orlando or Elijah or Billy or Dominic's reading this, please, please come back next year!!