Sunday, December 16, 2001
One Man's Travels In The Land Of Mordor - Strider @ 14:53 PST
PuLse writes:

I created a page describing the area of New Zealand where Peter Jackson filmed the scenes for the Land of Mordor. It informs you of the geography, geology and vulcanology of the area. You will learn about Mt. Ngauruhoe, the volcano Peter chose as Orodruin ("Mount Doom") for the trilogy (and for good reason, it's a near perfect match!). It also includes a great review of the Tongariro Crossing or "Gorgoroth Crossing" in Tolkien's world. You are welcome to post on your website. It is possible some of your readers will be intrigued by the magnificance of this area used to depict the climatic scenes; and may someday want to venture through there if they ever get a chance to visit New Zealand. Here is the url: