Sunday, December 16, 2001
Waterstone Glasgow Fellowship of the Ring Event - Strider @ 09:43 PST
Oscar sent in this report on how he faired at a Waterstone special Lord of the Rings in Glasgow.

Last night I went to Waterstone's Event here in Glasgow, Scotland with Jude Fisher & Brian Sibley recollecting their stories about their trips to New Zealand and what got them involved in Tolkien in the first place.

I was certainly impressed by Jude Fisher, when she revealed that she in fact was the publisher of HarperCollins if I am not mistaken. They both have got this amazing storytelling feeling about Lord Of the Rings that is breathtaking.

What I found most interesting was how the Tolkien estate is at odds with the rest of Hollywood as described in various media reports. What I didn't really know was that The Tolkien estate thinks that the books are unfilmable yet they tried to see if it was possible and in 1957 were right when Tolkien was miffed at the sights of the results.

During the Q & A, it was revealed that the DVD will be two discs with on the 2nd with at least 40 minutes of deleted scenes as the supposed Director's Cut is 4 hours long. Also that they want to hold a 10 hour screening once all three movies are completed and released.