Sunday, December 16, 2001
Norwegian Screening Report - Strider @ 06:48 PST
Ringer Spies Kerb and Th0rny write: Ok, we just got home from seeing the most epic movie ever produced. I am still blinded by its absolute beauty that if you would please bear with me while I praise this glorious piece of cinematic presentation. At 4.45 pm we arrived at the Colosseum cinema in Oslo, the capital of Norway. This, of course, was a pre-screening, which my friend luckily won tickets for through a competition in one of Norways biggest newspapers, Dagbladet. A red carpet greeted us, and we entered. A lot of people was hanging around, most in suits. I was extremely excited to see this movie, having read the books (ofcourse) and seen the trailers and followed the news every day. When we entered the cinema auditrium we saw a huge ring spinning on the screen, with sponsors logos in the middle.. It kind of gave me a nice mood =D We found our seats, and waited.. and waited..

It turned out that Princess Märtha Lousie of Norway, and her new fiancee Ari Behn was late for the screening, so we waited a little longer. When they showed up (finally) Ingeborg Moræus Hansen, chief of cinemas in Oslo, held a speech for the couple, and talked a little bit about the ingeniousity of the film.. Then, it started. Seeing the foggy New Line Cinema logo gave me the chills, it was finally starting, what we had waited 3 years for, and slept two nights in the cold streets in Oslo for "mere" premiere tickets, and here we were, at the screening..

Now, in short terms, I will just tell you what we thought about the movie, without telling much about it. Shivering through the entire start, with Isildur claiming the ring and such, and later, the cozy and farm looking Hobbiton, which I was utterly amazed by.. This entire movie is a masterpiece, litteratic brilliance brought to the big screen. Such things as Tom Bombadil being left out of the movie, did not even concern me while watching it, nor after. They have truly given flesh to the words describing Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, and all the others. Sometimes you were frightened, some times almost at the brink of weeping, and oh, all the dramatics, ABSOLULUTELY AMAZING! I truly do not even know what I am typing right now, because the amazement is still deep in me. It has been woven, to almost perfection, everything seems, as it is supposed to be, even though they are not 100% accurate to the books.

Well, I am off now, and I guarantee for those of you who have not seen this brilliant piece of art, you will be amazed, you will be frightened, you will shiver.. ONE MOVIE TO RULE THEM ALL, ONE MOVIE TO DEFEAT THEM, ONE MOVIE TO OUTSHINE THEM ALL, AND IN THE DARKNESS GRIND THEM! My god, this is really it.