Wednesday, December 12, 2001
Niagra Fan Happening - Xoanon @ 23:09 PST

Tim Moran writes: I have some nice information to any Tolkien fan who lives in the Niagara Region.

I'm employed at the Niagara Square Cinplex Odeon Theater, in Niagara Falls Ontario. For the past five months, some co-workers and myself have been planning a special treat for any one who might be coming out to see The Lord Of The Rings, in the first week of it's release.

We have decorated the theater in middle earth fashion, with paintings, hand-drawn banners, two 24 foot statues of the gaurds in Lothlorien, a nine foot replica of Caradhras, and many more surprises. We will also be raffeling off a bus shelter size teaser banner which has been plaque mounted and framed, all of the proceeds will go to the Niagara Region Boys and Girls club. For those who come out on the opening night, The Lord of the Rings VW Beetle will be on display at the theater. Of course there will be costumes, prize give aways and more surpirses for everyone to enjoy.

Hopefully you could pass this information on to get as many people out as possible for an event that will be remembered.