Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Charity Screening of LOTR in Australia - Xoanon @ 08:37 PST
From: Wil

There are seats available to purchase for the Australian premiere of LOTR. They are for charity and a great cause - The Addiction Treatment Service in Surry Hills in Sydney there they treat drug addiction. Tickets are $200 each. I do not speak for the charity that is organising it, I have just purchased tickets and know there are some more available that should be sold.

In case you have not heard about the Australian premiere its on 21st of December 5 days before it opens here on the 26th. It will be at Fox Studios and apparently 5 of the cast will be there. Only 2 have been named being Elijah Wood and Hugo Weaving - I would say its the same people going to the New Zealand premiere as it is not far to travel to Sydney from there. To get tickets the number for the Addiction Treatment Service is (02) 9699 3311.