Saturday, November 24, 2001
De Morgen Tolkien Week Contest - Strider @ 12:59 PST
From SamFan:

I just bought the Belgian newspaper "De Morgen" and can give you a lot more details on the big Belgian Tolkien contest etc. It's not just a one day contest, it's a whole Tolkien week in "De Morgen"! Every day (starting with today (Saturday) and ending next Friday) there will be a whole page-long article about the Lord Of The Rings and Tolkien! Part One today is all about what the magic is behind Tolkien's work. Part Two on Monday is Tolkien's biography. And then there's the contest! Every day you'll have to answer three multiple choice questions about LOTR (example from today: "What weapon does Legolas use?") and call a telephone number where you pass your answers. The person who gets the most questions right at the end of the week will win a two week holiday to New Zealand for two persons (worth 133.000 Belgian francs or $2955.5)!!! You get to choose yourself which places you want to visit, so you can visit all the locations for the LOTR movie! Other prizes are LOTR hats, T-shirts, posters, keyrings, books and soundtracks! If there's more than one person with the highest score an innocent hand will pick the winner. So all Belgian Tolkien fans, be sure to buy De Morgen every day next week !