Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Fan Fun In Sweden - Xoanon @ 10:11 PST
From: Lenderiel

Im a fellow ringer fan from Gothenburg, Sweden. Anyway, i was in the line outside the "Palladium" cinema in Gothenburg eagerly waiting for a ticket. It was not as cold as we thought it would be but still, cold. Anyway, heres the report:

At 1600 hours, Sunday, a fellowship from Gothenburg left for the Palladium Cinema downtown Gothenburg. We knew people had been waiting outside the cinema since friday, but they were few. So we thought that if we start to camp at about 1600 hours we should be able to get a ticket for the premier for sure.

However, the line was a little bit longer than we expected it to be, it already streched around half the building. We sat down and began to wait. We chatted with the people in the line and quickly got to know those closest to us. After an hour or so our we realized that we really should have brought chairs with us. So two of us went back home, grabbed some chairs, and went back. By then, the person left behind had met some people he knew and had invited them to sit with him.

Me and my friend accepted that since we had met these people at other occasions before. So the fellowship of three had now growned to seven. We talked about the Lord of the rings and tolkien and we listened to people reading texts from "Silmarillion" . Around midnight the felllowship had grown even more, to about 15 people, and the line behind us stretched around the entire building. People were getting tired and some tried to sleep. Two from the fellowship walked away to buy some coke but came back with beer, soon our camping spot was in a festival mood. An old man walked up to some other people who had brought a tent and asked them what they were protesting against by camping here. "oh, errr, we are just waiting" the amused ringer fans responded. At about half past six the people with tents began packing down their tents and this was the first sign that the "real" line was going to form soon.

In no time, the whole line was in movement, everyone getting ready. Soon the line was formed and people argued about"who should be before who" in the line. After standing in that horrible line for about 2 and a half hours we got our tickets for the first show, 24:01. Happy, tired and already planning next years camping we went home to our warm beds.