Friday, November 16, 2001
Scandinavian ticket sales. - Tehanu @ 18:36 PST
Jenny from Sweden writes in:

"I nearly choked on my sandwich this morning when I turned the page in my morning paper (Göteborgs Posten, western Sweden's biggest news paper) and stared right into the eyes of Frodo! It was a full page ad announcing that the FotR tickets for Sweden will be released on Monday, that is November 19th. It was an absolutely beautiful ad and it sort of lighted up my whole day (after I stopped coughing...)"

More news on times etc. here

And from Andre in Norway:

"Just want to tell you that the lines are forming in Bergen, Norway. The tickets will be available on Tuesday in 4 days, and the lines already started to take shape late last night. These are true fans, two of my friends are in the line, and we're getting tickets. I can't wait !!!!!"

Mikko wrote in from Finland:

"Tickets are coming to sale here in Finland at the 3rd of December and it seems it's going to be riot out there... in Denmark people lined for the tickets for five days and they have so far sold way over 60.000 tickets in advance, which is, naturally the Danish record. In Norway they also busted some records, an amazing sum of 25.000 tickets
sold during the first day. Is it going to get crazy elsewhere, or what? I haven't seen this kind of hysteria since... well, actually never. And some people are actually concerned whether Harry Potter is gonna beat us:)"