Wednesday, November 14, 2001
Eyewitness report: The Wellington Ticket Line - Tehanu @ 23:26 PST
So what was the the first day of ticket sales like in Wellington, home of the film production? Pretty laid-back. Well, this is New Zealand, after all!

"I got some tickets this morning for the 12:01am screening at Hoyts. They said they'd open the box office at 7:30am this morning, and they actually opened about 15 minutes earlier than that, just as I was arriving. There were about 15 or 20 people waiting when they opened the grille, and the ultra-keen ones scrambled under and ran to the counter. The more dignified among us just walked up casually. One of the guys who'd been queueing since 3A.M. was first in line and bought 42 tickets.

"TVNZ had cameras there, and reportedly in Auckland and Christchurch as well. The camera people looked a little disappointed that there wasn't a massive crowd of costumed fanatics, but hey, they only had 400 tickets to sell, what did they expect? RNZ radio news was there too, trying to get some silly sound bytes: "Were you at the Star Wars premiere too?" "No." "Are those 20 tickets for you and your friends?" "No, I was planning on just going myself and stretching out". "Are you going to keep them somewhere special?" "No, probably just leave them on my desk for a month."

"What they should have asked everyone was "Are you part of the cast?", because my friend (an extra) recognised half the people there as being part of the actual production. Only the "significant" cast and crew get tickets for the Embassy, and no spouses allowed, so a lot of extras were attending the midnight sessions so their parters and friends could watch it with them.

"By 7:30 they looked like they'd sold out."

Many thanks to Mr Tadpole for that report!