Wednesday, November 14, 2001
Glaurung's LOTR Adventure - Xoanon @ 23:18 PST
Our faithful spy Glaurung has recounted his adventure in getting his LOTR:FOTR movie ticets! Enjoy.

6:10 Glaurung and henchman drive through the Hoyts8 Cinema carpark and note around 10 keen ringers waiting for the tickets to go on sale. Due to the lack of a "ticket rush" we retire to Denny's for a slap-up breakfast.

6:40am We return to Hoyts8 to find the crowd has doubled (at least 20 ringers!) and a TVNZ camera crew has arrived and is setting up. Sauron is pretty lonely in the car park but that is set to change.

7:05am TVNZ interview the keenest ringers live on the One Breakfast show. Three guys had a tent while 3 or 4 others were ensconced on a couch in the back of a Ford Courier ute covered in blankets. A small but brave effort in the unwholesome weather conditions.

7:10am The ticket office open and there is a not-to-hurried movement of ringers from outside in the showery rain into the movie theatre. Tickets for the Dec 20 Midnight session are the only ones available - much to the annoyance of one guy who waited in the cold for tickets to a screening at "a decent hour of the day".

Alls well that ends well - we managed to grab our tickets

and Andrew from Hoyts very kindly donated the flyer advertising the event so we could scan it.

Glaurung out.