Wednesday, November 14, 2001
Ticket Sales: Canada, UK, NZ & Beyond - Xoanon @ 08:46 PST
Reports are coming in from around the world regarding ticket sales for LOTR:FOTR. We have a report Porirua, Wellington that says the tickets can be bought today, and other saying ticket sales in Canada go on sale on the 26th, and in the UK on the 19th.

Quite a few people have written in asking when their country will start selling tickets, I will have to look into it further, but I do think it depends on the country and perhaps even the local theatre owners.

Jerm writes: just got report from the biggest Belgian Movie complex (Kinepolis) that one can start buying his/her tickets starting from December the 17th.

Jan writes: In Germany the Ticket Sale for FOTR starts officially on Thursday 22nd. The date is even mentioned at the end of the "new" LotR-Trailer. On a side-note: This is the FIRST movie to officially start on a WEDNESDAY in Germany. The official release day for movies over here is normally on a Thursday. One can only thank Warner Bros & New Line for this wise and very cool decision.