Wednesday, November 07, 2001
"The Making of LOTR" Book Signing. - Tehanu @ 14:22 PST
Ringer Spy Timothy writes in with this great report:

"Last night I went to the signing and talk of the two "Making Of" books by Brian Sibley (who also adapted LOTR for the classic radio version) and Jude Fisher.

It was a very intimate thing,actually,with about fifty people on the second floor of Borders bookshop in Oxford Street,with the escalator chugging away behind us.Brian and Jude gave a little talk,then opened the floor to questions,then signing the new books.

They were both very eloquent and lovely to listen to,and overflowing with pride and enthusiasm for the films.I'm afraid I can't remember all,but here are some snippets--

Jude saying how she was very worried about the films all in all,and then arriving on a mountain in New Zealand,and seeing Aragorn and four hobbits on a hill,and it all clicking...

How Sean Astin came crashing through the trees at the end of the first film,wading into the river(not fun for a hobbit) and suddenly yelping out loud...a piece of glass had gone straight thorough his foot...he was so apolegetic,but Peter just said,"Never mind,we can film the Morannon tomorrow,then you just have to crawl!"

How utterly beautiful Edoras is...

Brian had a poppy in his lapel.He enthused about many things,including the non-Hollywood method of the casting is so perfect... This is the man whose radio version went into my soul at six years old and has been there ever since.And I'm standing ten feet away from him,and he's answering my question about how Peter's decision to portray the story as a historical text will not in any way diminish the fantastical elements or the ethereal elements(the elves etc)... oh my goodness......

The book signing was very short. I brought a manky old photocopy of one of the film posters,and they were happy to sign.I congratulated Brain on finding a relative(In an interview he said how he discovered Fran Walsh is a long distant cousin!!!) and he said thankyou.

Oh,and the books are beautiful.Run to buy them now.Like a unusually sensitively footed person on hot coals:)"