Monday, November 05, 2001
LOTR Frenzy In Norway - Xoanon @ 13:36 PST
From: flipm0de

Today, the 5th of November, the premiere tickets for LoTR the 19th of December, released in Norway. I see you already have a story about this but I mean.. The whole country was like.. well just listen.

Oslo had about 250-300 people sleeping outside the cinema for up till five.. - 5 - days waiting for the best tickets.. Stavanger had almost as much, and even in my little town there was A LOT of people. The cinemas were flooded today with hopeful LoTR fans wanting the best seats.. and its just a matter of time now before LoTR explodes in Norway for real. The media, both TV and newspapers are following this up almost on a daily basis, and I feel that LoTR has a better coverage than Potter actually.