Friday, November 02, 2001
More On The BK Contest - Xoanon @ 11:42 PST
From: Meriadoc

I checked back on that Burger King riddle thing to see what the Nov. 1 contest was, and found that you have to answer the riddles again to get to the secret page (apparently they reset the whole thing so any "saved games" are gone). The contest is something about going to see the premier of FOTR in New York (yay! screams the american).

THE CATCH: There are ten new riddles, and they are actually mildly challenging; to get half of them you need tiny details from the book. The main reason that they are hard, though, is the wording: you can hardly figure out what they are asking, and they want specific answers to questions about things with MANY took me ten minutes to figure out that they wanted "ringwraith" as opposed to Nazgul or or Black Riders, or Nine riders (I assumed they would go for a dumbed-down answer...)

*finishes ranting*

*sort of*

anyway, there are a few really weird answers, like "middle earth", "galadriel", etc...

P.S.- apparently you get on entry into the competition for each correct riddle.