Friday, October 26, 2001
Home-made Promotions - Calisuri @ 01:58 PST
Talk about Tolkien fans. Check out this homemade standee that Ringer fans Mike and Will made for their local theater. They have plans on making more!

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"Hello. I work with a friend of mine at a theater in West Michigan. He and I created a home-made standee of the Eye of Sauron. On the bottom of the standee it says: "The LEGEND Comes To LIFE December 19"

This is part of the promo we're doing. We're also making a 7'x 9' mural painting of the Fellowship as well as both statues of the Argonath that are both 7' tall. We'll also be dressing up for the film which includes an orc mask we're making. We'll send scans of our progress.