Thursday, October 25, 2001
Want The LOTR: FOTR Trailer on DVD? - Xoanon @ 13:36 PST
Stephan sent me one of the cool DVD's, it's chalk full of stuff, not just LOTR, check it out!

From: Stephan

The trailer for LOTR:TFOTR is available on DVD. It is not a bootleg copy, but studio sanctioned and comes with tons of other material, such as Spider-Man (2002) Press Conference, Buffy behind-the-scenes, Blade 2 sword preview, other trailers (Planet of the Apes, Final Fantasy, etc.) and more. Over 1 hour of cool DVD contents total.

Best thing is: It's only 10 bucks, plus shipping (domestic: add $ 1.00; International: add $ 3.00). Forms of payment accepted: Paypal, cashier's checks or money orders. Personal checks o.k. also, but no shipping prior to clearance. To place an order, please send an email to