Friday, July 20, 2001

LOTR Statues and Figurines - Xoanon @ 10:59 PST
From: Saint

Just got the newest issue of ToyFare magazine, and flipped through it quickly. In their "Incoming!" section (which previews upcoming toys and statues and stuff) there is a LOTR page, with pics of 4 of the movie figures: Frodo, Strider, Gimli, and Gandalf.

The Strider figure is excellent...he has Andruil (unbroken ;), a flaming treebranch and a cool cloak. Frodo is nothing special. The Gimli is EXCELLENT...He comes with 4 (!!!) axes!

But the cream of this crop is the Gandalf figure. I figure this is Gandalf in Moria or something. He's all decked out in grey, and his arms are outstretched, one holding Glamdring and the other holding his staff. You really need to see these things.

They also had pics of 4 of the Sideshow statues. Legolas, Uruk-Hai scout, Lurtz, and Moria Orc Swordsman. Dunno if these have all been picture before, but it was the first time I'd seen the Moria Orc Swordsman.

Also in the back, there was a small article dealing with sculptures called "One Ring to Bind Them: Sideshow Toys goes to the source for Lord of the Rings."

The article doesn't say much at all, but it did have this interesting bit:

"...According to Sideshow Toy President Greg Anzalone, the difference between working with a special effects company and sculpting the usual way is 'staggering.' 'No other theatrically released licensed product has ever been produced to more exacting standards or greater authenticity,' Anzalone said. While all the pieces obviously benefit from the partnership, Anzalone has no problems playing favorites. He suspects that the Uruk-Hai orcs, in particular Lurtz, will be highly sought after. But his personal favorite piece hasn't even been shown to the public yet: A Ringwraith on its horse. 'It is an absolutely amazing piece of art,' he said."

Wow! That's a STATUE they're talking about, there....A statue of a Ringwraith on a horse? That things going to be huge!

Anyone with scans of the article send them along!