Monday, July 09, 2001

Coolness from the New Line Shop - Calisuri @ 13:55 PST
I just went to get the mail, and much to my surprise, my shipment from the Official New Line Shop had arrived!

As I went through some of the stuff in the package (I'll post images of the Limited Press Booklet a little later today) I found something pretty cool: A letter from Peter Jackson! It is an authorized copy of the original (I initially thought it was REAL thats how nice it is) with a nice New Line hologram attached to it to show its official.

[ Click for Larger Version ]

The moral of this story is that with ever purchase of the LOTR books or the audio books from the Official New Line Shop you get one of these beautiful letters! (NOTE: not with all products, just the books or audio books)

Now I just need to find something to frame it in...