Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Glass Hammer Update - Xoanon @ 20:54 PST
From the Glass Hammer folks.

While we're waiting for news of the release date of "The Middle-earth Album", we thought we'd share some silliness that leaked out of the Glass Hammer studio in the form of REALAUDIO files. In Part Two of the Glass Hammer interview (posted a while ago) interviewer Chris Murphy was promised a trip to Middle-earth. The newly posted Part Three reveals that Chris actually did make it to Middle-earth, where he interviewed both Hobbits and Dwarves about Glass Hammer's performance. All seemed to be going well, but in Part Four he was accosted just outside the village gates by no less than three Barrow-Wights!

They seem to be the very same Barrow-Wights who were first heard on Glass Hammer's "Journey of the Dunadan", and are certainly the same three who are mentioned in Steve Babb's new tale "A Halfling's Adventure In Bree".

"This is not serious reporting," says Steve Babb. "This is just for fun! But if you do ever happen to meet three Barrow-wights on the road at night, don't stay to chat like Chris did!"

One member of the staff at Sound Resources also noted, "There seem to be some negative comments about Glass Hammer in the interviews. Maybe the fans shouldn't be exposed to that!" But Steve responded by explaining that "While most Halflings, Dwarves, and Rangers seemed to enjoy our performance immensely, there were a few malcontents who couldn't be pleased no matter what we played.

Every bar has that element, and The Prancing Pony was no exception. On the whole though, I hear we're a big hit. As Chris discovered, the Barrow-wights don't like us at all. But that's understandable. We were offered huge sums to play a gig on The Barrow Downs, but we refused. You see, when Dwarves don't like what you're playing, they throw beer. That's bad enough. Barrow-wights throw huge swords and daggers, and frankly, that's just unacceptable.

Stay tuned for more, Glass Hammer fans! And keep checking the site at http://www.glasshammer.com/ for more information about the new album as its release date draws nearer!