Sunday, April 15, 2001

Lord of the Rings painted metal figures - Xoanon @ 17:06 PST
Ringer Spy Caradoc sends in word that W, Britains will be making LOTR Statues (a la Mithril Miniatures) for the film. Now this will hopefully be some decsent collectables that the true Tolkien fan would go for. I know that I would love to play, er, collect my Gimli and Boromir statues. I will be getting the images for these 2 statues soon (if any of you out there happen to have the magazine and a scanner, send them along!) I'll let Caradoc tell you the rest.

Here is some interesting info that might not have crossed your screen yet. The April 2001 issue (# 36) of "Toy Soldier and Model Figure" magazine (U.K. printed) mentions that W. Britains, the patriarch of the toy soldier industry, has signed an agreement with New Line Cinema to produce the official Lord of the Rings painted metal figures! There are two accompanying photos: one is the display that the company put together to promote the figures (looks great) while the other is a Sting-bearing (?) hobbit. I don't have a scanner at home, so I can't send the photos today. But here is the text:

"A final point regarding Britains is the interesting move it has made into movie licensing (in fact this deal was sealed just an hour before I [the author] arrived at the offices!). Britains has signed an agreement with New Line Cinema to produce the official painted metal figures (toy soldiers to you and me) for the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy of films. Shown here is one of the first figures, plus the display Britains has created to promote this exciting new venture. Who knows, it might even get some more children interested in our hobby."

Looks to me like it will be a great line. I've checked both Toy Soldier magazine's site and that of W. Britains. Neither has any info. Perhaps a call to Britains would produce interesting results? Here are the two links:

If you have not secured copies of the photos by Monday, I'll be able to send them your way! Look forward to hearing from you.