Sunday, April 01, 2001

LOTR Goodies - Xoanon @ 15:23 PST
Ringer Spy Saint sends in a great summary of places you can sheck out to get all the latest goodies from LOTR.

LOTR Movie Toys! - Yep, I've seen the pics. in this months PREVIEWS magazine (which shows upcoming comics and figures and such). It showed the Aragorn figure, a Gandalf 12-inch, Merry, Pippin, an Orc from Moria, and a Ringwraith with his steed (which ROCKS!) So go pick up your copy of Previews to check it out. by the way...each figure photo had "All sculptures not final. Pending license & actor approval" across it. kinda neat.

Heres a little info:

Hildebrandt book! - I dunno if this is new or not, but its the first i've seen it. has reproductions of all of the Hildebrandt's popular calander paintings, and a few new ones.

More info: Hildebrandt Book

Calanders! - Hildebrandt brother's Tolkien calandar (2002). Same old paintings, re-produced. ho-hum.
Fellowship of the Ring 2002 wall calandar (which is the usual yearly one). 13 new paintings by Ted Naismith (!!!!)

Fellowship of the Ring 2002 Desk Diary - this is like a daily calandar kinda thing, with each day having an excerpt from FOTR, and illustrated by Naismith's paintings and line drawings. Last but not least, the LOTR 2001 movie calandar. Just pics from the movies for each month. we've seen all the pics.

Thats a lot of Tolkien in one magazine. You guys have probably already heard of all of these, but i figured i'd let you know anyways. i had nothing better to do so i typed up this email :)

btw....i almost didn't send this out after seeing the "New Line Purchases TORn" headline...but then i read the article. nice one guys, lol.