Monday, February 26, 2001

The Orc's side of the story - new CD from Swedish band Za Frumi - Tehanu @ 05:29 PST
A while ago we may have mentioned the band Za Frumi and their project; now they've written to tell us their CD's finished:
I am writing to you to inform you of a new cd with Tolkien-inspired music from a dark fantasy setting. Unlike anything previously seen, this cd tells the tale of a wayward clan of orcs, and the many things they encounter during their journeys. Majestc orchestral choirs, pounding drums and melodious flutes combine with ambient sounds of their surroundings, and also the orcs themselves, with a dialogue spoken entirely in black speech, the language of the orcs. In the booklet there is also a complete translation of what they are saying, so even those who cannot speak the language can understand what is happening."

Wow, that's a treat for the linguists and the music lovers! This certainly sounds like a different approach and their website is very stylish. It seems to have been updated so it has more information on it. Plus you can order the Za Frumi CD there. (More)