Wednesday, January 31, 2001

TOY VAULT: Two New Middle-earth Figures Released - Xoanon @ 17:22 PST
Gollum the Evil Hobbit and Gimli the Dwarf, the next two figures in the Middle-earth Toys line, are now available through the Toy Vault Toy Club.

Born a hobbit, Gollum, originally named Smeagol, coveted a ring his cousin Deagol found, and murdered him for it, on Gollum's birthday. From then on, the Ring slowly twisted and deformed him, yet his inner hobbit strength kept the Ring from taking complete control. Eventually the Ring left Gollum to search out Bilbo, and Gollum only got it back on the very rim of Mt. Doom. Like the Diamond Exclusive "Gollum the Fisherman" figure, Gollum the Evil Hobbit is green-skinned. The figure comes with a boat and four fish. Buy yours today for $9.95 (plus shipping) here.

Brought to Rivendell by his father, Gimli becomes the Dwarves' representative on the long journey of the Ring. He befriends an elf, Legolas, and competes with him in killing Orcs at the Battle of Helm's Deep. Whether in a boat chasing 200 Orcs, or traveling the Paths of the Dead, Gimli's stout heart and courage keep him a true and faithful companion. Gimli the Dwarf comes with axe, cap, and shield. Now available for $9.95 (plus shipping) here.