Friday, January 26, 2001

NEW!!! The One Ring - Calisuri @ 12:59 PST
The good folks at Badali Jewelry have an exciting new offering! Read below:

I recently added a less expensive gold-plated version of the One Ring of Power to my website. There has been quite a demand for a ring like this from people e-mailing in to request I make a less expensive gold-plated version. I am a firm believer that the customer is always right.

The ring is cast in a bronze-like jewelry alloy, machine polished, and then 24k gold plated. I call this metal "Gollum Gold". The ring comes with a chain to wear as a necklace, or for display in a case with other Middle Earth artifacts. Since it is not intended for wear on a finger, it is available in one size only (approximately size 10). It looks just like the more expensive silver and gold ones.

They are available with the elvish script antiqued fire-red or black for $49.95, or unantiqued for $39.95 at my website. There are pictures and ordering information there also: