Thursday, January 18, 2001

Toy Club T-shirt - Xoanon @ 17:43 PST
From The Folks at Toy Vault

Over the past year Toy Club has received hundreds of inquiries for a Toy Club T-shirt. As you are probably aware, we recently began taking pre-orders from those wishing to purchase these shirts. Toy Club is proud to announce that the minimum number needed 350 - has been met, and exceeded. To provide for those who would like to purchase a Toy Club shirt, but did not pre-order, we have ordered 500 shirts. You can order on line now, but quantities are limited. Don't wait.ORDER NOW at

In addition, we are also offering new Toy Club Preferred Members the opportunity to receive a new Toy Club shirt, Toy Club exclusive figure of their choice, and certificate for only $20.00. That's a $30.00 value with your new preferred membership. In addition, you will receive the all new Toy Club magazine, published 4 times each year, detailing what's going on the world of action figures and what's new from Toy Vault. So order or join now.