Sunday, December 03, 2000

Christmas shopping... - Tehanu @ 19:50 PST
For those of you lucky enough to have another Tolkien fan in your life, we're always able to come up with suggestions. The History of Middle-earth in 3 volumes is a BIG present; only volume 1 is available yet and you have to order it from the UK branch of Amazon, I believe. Here's a reaction from Matt:

"I live in New York, and I ordered the deluxe editions of both the "Complete History of Middle Earth Volume I" and "Lord of the Rings" from on-line bookstores in the UK. One was delivered in 5 days, and the other in 12. They're both beautiful, and enhance reading of the material immensely. As for HoME, I had only skimmed through half a dozen volumes before, but this volume makes you feel that you've stumbled on an ancient tome of forgotten knowledge. It really hooks you, turning those beautiful pages of india paper. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to buy the next two volumes! Here are the "pre-link" pages for those (Vols II and III) I found on Amazon UK:

Volume II and Volume III

Volume 2 is slated to be 1,696 pages and be released April 2 2001.

Volume 3 is slated to be 1,776 pages and be released October 1 2001."

An imaginitive idea came in from MN for another Tolkien stocking-filler - if you want something different from the usual Tolkien art calendars.

"I was thinking with Christmas coming up, your readers might like to know where to get posters/images of Middle-Earth/Aotearoa." (Aotearoa is this country's own original name for itself 'Land of the Long White Cloud' - which sounds mythological enough itself!)
Two of the greatest landscape photographers are Craig Potton and Andre Apse