Thursday, November 30, 2000

Yes, there is an Arwen Barbie...... - Tehanu @ 03:54 PST
Well not quite. I'm not sure how serious people were about this Tolkien Barbie Swap Meet thing. But for those that were, sort of, a TORN correspondent can offer real Tolkien dolls from the Franklin mint.

"I was wondering if you might include my new eBay auction in your auction watch. I have ALL THREE of the Hildebrandt/Franklin Mint Tolkien Dolls up for grabs as a single lot. (Just moved, no job yet, it's Very Cold in these Olympic Mountains and I need propane!!!!!!) The dolls are in excellent condition, have all access. Galadriel needs a leg tightened but there's no visible damage. Two are missing the boxes and Eowyn is missing her papers. Anyway the auction is under the name Quilbilly on eBay."

And the rest is up to you.