Thursday, June 15, 2000

Lord of the Rings music. - Tehanu @ 21:24 PST

I thought I might tell you - I went to the other day, and searched for anything related to Middle earth. I found that there was some music (music? How strange). There is a German heavy metal band called Blind Guardian, and they actually have an album based entirely on the Silmarillion - how wonderful. I managed to find a copy in a store here in the States, and the music is very good - dark, foreboding, full of war and death in the elves' eternal struggle against Melkor (dare I say that name?!),and raucous head-banging music as the Curse of Faenor takes hold upon the entire descendents of Finwe. They even dedicate the album to all the Elves,Dwarfs, Hobbit and Men who are still living in this world! Maeglor lives!
Anyway, I think that there might be quite a few people who are fans of Tolkien and his works and may enjoy picking up this album - and I guesst that some of the other stuff written by Blind Guardian is Tolkien based,
too, with song titles on other albums called "Gandalf" and "the hobbit".

Check it out - here
Thanks to Chris for that.