Tuesday, March 14, 2000

The Latest from Mithril - Xoanon @ 09:29 PST
The latest from the folks at Mithril:

The news at Mithril:-

We have a new web address, the old address now redirects to the new site:


If anyone spots any problems with the site on the new server be sure to tell us!

The next master figure auction has started today details can be found at:


Production of the Nazgul is just about complete, details can be found at:


We have new e-mail addresses, the old mithril@iol.ie will continue to be monitored, but the new addresses should be an improvement. The system is as follows:

info@mithril.ie - General e-mail
mailorder@mithril.ie - Mail order enquiries
trade@mithril.ie - Trade enquiries
webmaster@mithril.ie - Web site related issues
mlist@mithril.ie - Mailing list requests

Adam Dawson
Mithril Web Master